How To Win The Trudeau Foundation Scholarship In Canada – PhD

This is a guide on how students can apply for and win the Trudeau foundation scholarship offered by Canadian institutions. This is one of the most popular doctoral programs. scholarships in Canada and is offered in many schools in Canada.

Canada is known as one of the best study destinations, providing world-class education at all levels of study and discipline to scholars nationally and internationally.

To encourage students and also make it easier for them to participate in the world-class education offered by Canadian institutions, there are different types of scholarship programs that students can apply to help with their funding.

Some of these scholarships can be partially funded or fully funded, but nevertheless all offer financial assistance for the educational load of the students.

Most of these scholarships are awarded by the Canadian government, charities, foundations, wealthy individuals (mostly alumni of the school), and the institution’s school board.

The Trudeau Foundation is one of the charitable foundations that offers scholarships to Canadian academics, both domestic and international students, enjoy this award that is organized by Canadian institutions.

Through this article, you will learn about the eligibility criteria and application process to apply for and win the Trudeau foundation scholarship, either as a domestic or international student.


The Trudeau Foundation Scholarship in Canada

What is the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship?

Fully known as the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation (PETF) and with a mission to empower researchers to have a meaningful impact in the world. The foundation is an independent, nonpartisan charitable foundation founded in 2001 in memory of the former Prime Minister of Canada.

The Trudeau Foundation Fellowship is a three-year program established to train committed leaders and equip outstanding doctoral candidates with the right tools and knowledge to share and apply their research and be creative leaders in their institutions and communities.

The scholarship is up to $40,000 per year for three years and covers tuition and cost of living and another $20,000 per year for three years as a research and travel allowance.

The three-year scholarship program will be as follows;

  1. Engaged Leadership: In the first year of the term, scholars are required to attend Engaged Leadership Institutes in locations across Canada and the world where scholars will be exposed to ideas and experiences outside the university wall. The Engaged Leadership Program enables students to develop new social, emotional, and behavioral competencies.
  2. Impact Conference: In the second year of the program, scholars will come together to host a public conference where they can share knowledge with the general public and foster community dialogue, giving scholars the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills through the I work with others.
  3. Creative Project: This is the third and final year of the program, students will work collectively to develop a creative project that can be in the form of a book, a theater production, or a fundraiser. In doing so, scholars experiment with unconventional practices of knowledge dissemination and public engagement.

The Trudeau Foundation Scholarship is for PhD students only, nationally and internationally, and focuses on turning students into leaders. The scholarship is distributed among various Canadian host institutions and students apply solely through their host institution.

The Trudeau Foundation Scholarship is awarded to a selected diverse group of scholars, including diversity in terms of gender, perspectives, language, race/ethnicity, Canadian region of studies, and disabilities.

Documents to apply for the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

  • A valid student visa for international students.
  • academic transcripts
  • A valid means of identification
  • Two letters of recommendation

How to Apply for the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

Here is a guide on how to apply for the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship, but first there are certain eligibility criteria that applicants must pass.

Eligibility Criteria for the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

  • The applicant must already be offered admission to a full-time doctoral program in the humanities or social sciences at a recognized Canadian institution.
  • Applicants already in the first, second, or third year of a full-time doctoral program in the humanities or social sciences at an accredited Canadian university are also eligible to apply.
  • The four central themes of the Foundations are Human Rights and Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, Canada and the World, People and their Environment. To be an eligible candidate, the applicant’s PhD work must be related to at least one of the foundations topics.
  • Canadian citizens who are in a Canadian or international institution are eligible to apply.
  • Foreign, non-Canadian, and permanent resident students who are enrolled in a Canadian institution with a valid study permit are also eligible to apply.

What Does The Trudeau Foundation PhD Scholarship Look For In Applicants?

  1. Excellence in academia
  2. Experience and leadership skills
  3. Originality and boldness
  4. Thematic relevance of the doctoral research for the four central themes of the foundation
  5. Participation in your community

Once you pass the eligibility criteria listed above, you can proceed with the application process outlined below.

Wait! Before learning about the application process, it is also important to learn about the selection process, as it will help you know how the winners are selected and give you tips on how you, too, can win the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship.

The Selection Process for the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

  • Applications are only made through the internal selection process of the destination university through the application portal of the foundation.
  • Host universities may also decide to nominate candidates from your school, and if your school nominates you, your application will be sent to the PETF for a rigorous review process.
  • The finalists of the contest will be invited to be interviewed by the selection committee on a certain date that will be sent to them by mail.
  • Typically 20 or more scholars are selected as winners per year.

Application Process for the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

This is a step by step guide on how to apply for the scholarship.

  1. Know your host institution’s internal selection process deadlines: As I mentioned earlier, the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship is distributed among several Canadian institutions, so they all have different deadlines, so know your university’s deadline and get started. an advance request.
  2. Registration: When the competition begins, register for an account on the foundation’s application portal. After 4 business days of registering the account, you will receive an email with your username and password. If you don’t see it by then, you can check your spam folder and you can also contact the foundation if you still can’t find it.
    However, if you have an existing account from a previous scholarship competition, you can still log in with your existing credentials or request a password reset.
  3. Complete the Application: Once you are logged in, you can apply by completing the application form in the “Draft” section of the portal and filling in your correct contact information in the “Contacts” section of the portal.
  4. Obtain Letters of Recommendation: You will be asked to enter the names and email addresses of your two referees in the box provided as you complete the application form. An email will then be sent to both referees asking them to upload their reference letter in PDF format directly to the foundation’s portal. Let your references know about this and make sure they submit on time.
  5. Upload Transcripts: You will upload a single transcript of a PDF document covering your entire post-secondary education.
    NOTE: Candidates who attended CEGEP in Quebec should not include their CEGEP transcripts.
  6. Contact your university: Applicants should inform the awards officer in charge of the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship Competition at their various universities, letting them know that you have applied, thus ensuring that your application will be included in the selection process for your university.
  7. University Nominations: Universities can also nominate up to four candidates for the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship, while foreign universities can only nominate three candidates. The names of each candidate must be submitted to the foundation, which will then send an acknowledgment to applicants who have been nominated by a university.
  8. Trudeau Foundation Scholarship Selection Process: All candidates nominated by a university will go through a rigorous selection process, after which finalists will be invited for an interview. The date of this interview is generally not released to the general public.

There you have the application process for the Trudeau Foundation scholarship competition and other necessary information to help you win the scholarship.


The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholarship will help you get the education you deserve to be a good leader, its three-year program is a bold, cutting-edge doorway to turn PhD researchers into committed leaders who will contribute positively society and its various communities.

By working alongside others who have a diversity of perspectives and come from different backgrounds, scholars learn leadership by getting out of their comfort zone and empowering them to become good scholars with the right leadership skills.

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